Heartsome CMS
Heartsome CMS offers professional services to teams looking to implement XML authoring practices in their organizations. In collaboration with our partners, we offer services in the following areas:

● Installation, tuning, and rollout of Heartsome CMS systems
● End user and train-the-trainer training
● Publication workflow development and implementation
● Conversion of legacy content to XML
● Custom integration into legacy systems
● Custom development to meet customer specific requirements

Heartsome CMS increases the efficiency of XML content management - across teams, across organizations, and across linguistic boundaries.
Heartsome CMS commitment is to enable all sizes and types of organizations to get the benefits of a CMS

Heartsome CMS provides the ultimate content management solution which enable companies to manage the content at the component level, as well as providing the ability to publish to multiple outputs from single-sourced content known as multi-channel publishing.

This maximizes the content re-use and minimizes the costs, time, and labor efforts which bring about significant ROI for the companies who make the best out of the benefits from the solution.

Business benefits of XML content management and content reuse:

● Process efficiency
  Streamlines the entire Content Sourcing, Creation, Management, Publishing, Translation, and Review process in systematic order.

● Content consistency
  Guarantees content consistency across publishing formats by eliminating repetitive and labor intensive content edits and human errors.

● Decreased costs
  Drastically decreases the costs and time involved through the steps of content management.

● Customer trust
  Increases consumer confidence in products and organizations by publishing content in an accurate, fast, consistent way.

● Increased revenue
  The ability to manipulate content quickly, easily, and accurately translates into more business.

Solution features