Heartsome's product strategy is founded on our 5 cornerstones of efficacy:
It is genuine and in total compliance with the latest versions of open standards, which are essential to the sustained development of the translation and localization industry: XLIFF, XML, Unicode, ISO, TMX, TBX, SRX and GMX.

Open standards are geared to provide a level playing field for the software industry, eliminating unfair and unproductive competition. If all CAT tools are truly and fully in compliance with industry standards, users of one tool will not have to worry about whether their data and files are compatible with those of other CAT tools. CAT users, as well as translators, will then be free to choose their own CAT tools on the basis of functionality and price.

It is fully and completely independent of operating platforms, inclusive of Windows, Macintosh OS 10.4.x (Universal), Linux, Unix, and Solaris.

The IT world should not belong to or be dominated by a singular group of users. It truly should be a world where all operating systems can co-exist harmoniously; where users need not give up any operating system preference because they are without the right options. Software developers must be obligated to cater to the basic needs of all computer users, regardless of their individual platform preferences. Windows is popular and Macintosh is a lot of fun. And Linux is ideal for independent and budget-minded users. Heartsome supports them all.

Heartsome listens to the users and responds innovatively to meet their wishes in double quick time.

Heartsome is a company incorporated by translation practitioners dedicated to developing tools that will genuinely benefit professional translators. Listening to our users is a daily routine. Without prompt, sincere, and honest interaction with users and supporters, a product is nothing more than a common commodity and it can never be a personalized tool to anybody.

Heartsome adopts a no frill minimalist approach towards product embodiment, its design, and packaging.

Unlike many other CAT developers, Heartsome chooses not to confuse users with elaborate sales-oriented product packaging without real or useful substance. Every product feature is designed to serve a purpose.

The management of Heartsome believes that linguists all deserve better tools with better prices.

The Founders and CEO of Heartsome were all once linguists who had headaches in finding good CAT tools. They understand how much it matters for linguists to have great tools with affordable prices. That's why our pricing policy is neither to maximize revenue nor to maximize profit, instead, we want all linguists to get the most powerful and enjoyable tools with the best prices. And certainly we didn't forget the definition of CAT tools: Computer Aided Translation, not Computer Added Traumatization as "summarized" by a lot of linguists using other solutions.