Heartsome CAT Bundle
The Heartsome CAT Bundle is specially bundled to provide users with the option of purchasing a complete set comprising two professional editions of Heartsome computer-aided translation tools: Translation Studio and TMX Editor. Translation Studio is the first and only computer-aided translation (CAT) tool that is fashioned and developed entirely on latest open standards language technology. TMX Editor is a memory editing tool for translation memory and terminology database maintenance and could be used to edit TMX memory files.

Being completely independent of platform and implementation, this bundle is an ideal choice for deployment in enterprises having a diverse range of IT operating systems. For example, one may choose to run the translation memory and terminology servers in a Linux or Solaris machine, yet permitting users the flexibility of deploying a mix of Macintosh (PowerPC and Intel Mac), Windows, Linux or Solaris workstations.

Being fully supportive of all languages covered by the Unicode standard without limitation to its combination or translation direction, this bundle provides for all translation memory and terminology libraries to reside in one database in place of hundreds of databases.

Being fully and wholly in compliance with all existing industry standards, XLIFF, TMX and SRX, this bundle is truly independent of service vendors and IT platforms. It gives users complete freedom in the choice of the best methodology in meeting their multi-lingual requirements.

Providing you with a whole set of useful plugins including:

● CSV to TBX Converter
● CSV to TMX Converter
● MARTIF to TBX Converter
● TMX to Trados TXT memory file Converter
● Java Properties Viewer
● RTF Cleaner
● TMX Validator
● XSL Converter
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